Terms and Conditions

  • All goods remain the property of Mr. B's Computer Solutions until paid for in full.
  • Any hardware, software or other property not collected within 6 months may be recycled.We will attempt to contact you 3 months after the due collection date and again at 6 months using your contact details held on file. If we do not hear back from you, the goods will be deemed abandoned and we reserve the right to recycle them. Unfortunately, we just don't have the space to hang on to stuff forever.
  • Most simple problems don't attract a diagnostic fee. In some cases, a £25 basic diagnostic fee applies. This is absorbed by the repair cost if the work is carried out by us. It is only payable separately if you decide not to proceed with the repair. 
  • Certain issues (e.g. intermittent problems, self-build problems) may require intermediate or advanced diagnostics.